Exclusive Interview With Sophie Dee

We had the pleasure recently to sit down with the stunning Sophie Dee and ask her a few questions.

Some Quick Facts About Sophie Dee

Age: 25
BOD: January 17th 1984
Measurements: 36dd 27 37
Hometown: South Wales UK

Quick Questions with Sophie Dee

Do you have any pets?

Sophie Dee: Yes bobo and sammy two pekinese

What’s on your current playlist?

Sophie Dee: Rhianna and Britney Spears.

Favourite movie of all time?

Sophie Dee: Pretty women

Favourite vacation spot?

Sophie Dee: I like not going to far from home so, san deago or vagas

And now our Exclusive Interview With Pornstar Sophie Dee

How did you get into the porn industry?

Sophie Dee: I started as a page 3 model (topless model) for newspapers in the uk. Then I was a striper, Porn was kind of the next step.

Where did you work before you got into the porn industry?

Sophie Dee: I had about 50 jobs, and was bored at all of them until I started modeling. I loved being naked and love all the attention, and of course the money.

How did you come up with your screen name?

Sophie Dee: People said I looked like the model Sophie dahl, so I took the Sophie and then made the dee.

Does your family know what you do

Sophie Dee: Yes I tell my family everything. They knew before I even decided to do it, they wish I had a different job but there happy if I’m happy.

How open are you in regards to what you do with friends and new people that you meet that are not involved in the business?

Sophie Dee: Im very open, especially when im on an air plane and annoying people keep asking me questions trying to get to know me, so to shut them up when they ask what I do. I say I suck dick for a living. Works best on old people. LOL

What separates you from all the other models out there?

Sophie Dee: I’m nice, friendly and work hard.

What do you think your best asset is?

Sophie Dee: My eyes

Do you ever get recognized while you are out living your regular life?

Sophie Dee: Yes. I like it.

Do you remember your first scene / shoot? How was it?

Sophie Dee: Yes it was with Mr. Marcus. I didn’t even make a sound the whole shoot, the movie never come out.

Who have you NOT worked with yet that you want to work with?

Sophie Dee: Jesse Jane.

Who is your favourite model to work with?

Sophie Dee: Holly Wellin for girl and I’d say Manuel, John Strong or Lee Stone for guys.

What has been your favourite scene or photo shoot to date?

Sophie Dee: Mmmm hard one I enjoy most of my shoots, squirting is my fave.

What made that scene or photo shoot so special that it is your favourite?

Sophie Dee: Squirting all over everybody.

What was the weirdest thing you have been asked to do on a set? And… Did you do it?

Sophie Dee: Make an ass smoothie, and no I’d never do it again. It froze my bum.

What have you discovered with your own sexual fantasies that you did not know about yourself before getting into adult?

Sophie Dee: That I could squirt and that I could actually put things in my butt LOL

Ever had any crazy or weird fans? The stalking type? How did you deal with it?

Sophie Dee: Not so far.

Where do you see yourself 5, 10 or even 15 years from now? Any outside ambitions or do you still want to be involved in this business somehow, someway?

Sophie Dee: Mmm not sure.

Any Regrets?

Sophie Dee: Hell no. none

Lastly is there anything else you would like to add for our readers?

Sophie Dee: Thank you for being my fans. I love you all. Im always on my website chatting to my fans. So check it out.

To Visit Sophie Dee’s Offical Site & To Get To Know Her More Click Here

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